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AER-00151P0105 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts Nut; 1/2-13 Hex Zinc Plate [Molex 1302260470] [Detail OBSOLETE REPLACED BY 1301830056] - 0 0.00 N/A N/A
AER-00151P0152 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts 5/16-18 Hex Nut Ss [Molex 1302260502] [Checked 092016] [UPC 78678862537] [Status A2 Non-Std Product] [Detail VMI 5/16-18 HEX NUT SS] [LeadTimeWeeks 7] - 0 0.00 7.80
AER-00151P0156 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts Nut; 5/8-18 Zinc Plated [Checked 092016] [Molex 1302260503] [UPC 78678862539] [Status A2 Non-Std Product] [Detail VMI NUT; 5/8-18 ZINC PLATED] [LeadTimeWeeks 9] - 0 0.00 9.48
AER-00152P0005 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts 1/4-20 Hex Nut Brass [Molex 1302260448] - 0 0.00 7.80
AER-00152P0006 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts 8-32 Hex Nut Brass [Checked 092016] [Molex 1302260449] [UPC 78678863710] [Status A2 Non-Std Product] [Detail VMI 8-32 HEX NUT BRASS] [LeadTimeWeeks 4] - 0 0.00 7.80
AER-00156P0020 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts 1/2-20 Sae Hex Jam Nut [Molex 1301830050] - 0 0.00 6.50
AER-00156P0030 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts 3/8-16 Sae Hex Jam Nut [Status "A1" Standard Product] [Molex 1302260473] - 0 0.00 5.00
AER-00156P0045 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts 3/8-24 Nf2 X 7/32 Hex Nut [Molex 1302260474] - 0 0.00 N/A N/A
AER-00160P0045 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive 3/8-16 Nut Self Locking [Molex 1301830012] [Checked 092016] [UPC 78678869030] [Status A2 Non-Std Product] [Detail 3/8-16 NUT SELF LOCKING] [LeadTimeWeeks 4] - 0 0.00 7.80
AER-00160P0050 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive 10-24 Two Way 1-131218 [Molex 1302260033] [Checked 092016] [UPC 78678856823] [Status A2 Non-Std Product] [Detail 10-24 TWO WAY 1-131218] [LeadTimeWeeks 10] - 0 0.00 7.80
AER-00160P0078 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts 8-32 Mf Whiz Nut [Molex 1302260477] - 0 0.00 N/A N/A
AER-00208P0061 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive [Molex 1302260430] [022018] - 0 0.00 6.91
AER-00209P0024 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive OBSOLETE See 1301790909 Pop Rivet aka 209-P-24 [Molex1301790909] Dated 6/17 - 0 0.00 5.00
AER-00228P0010 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts Pin; Cotter, 3/32 X 3/4 [Status "E1" Obsolete W/Repl] [Molex 1302262566] - 0 0.00 N/A N/A
AER-00228P0011 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Cotter Pin Part AER-00228P0011 OBSOLETE See 1301790617 1/16x1/2 [Molex 1302262530] Dated 6/17 - 0 0.00 5.00
AER-00228P0012 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts Cotter Pin, 1/8-1 [Molex 1302262567] [Detail OBSOLETE REPLACED BY 1301790027] - 0 0.00 N/A N/A
AER-00229P0010 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Drive Pin Part 229-P-10RP [Molex 1301790028] Stock, El Paso TX Dated 7/18 - 0 0.00 5.11
AER-00230P0105 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts Pin, Drive .094 X .375 [Molex 1302262533] [Detail OBSOLETE REPLACED BY 1301790030] - 0 0.00 N/A N/A
AER-00230P0120 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts Lock Arm Pin [Molex 1302262575] [Detail OBSOLETE REPLACED BY 1301790036] - 0 0.00 N/A N/A
AER-00230P0133 Aero-Motive Parts Aero-Motive Parts Pin [Molex 1302262537] [Detail OBSOLETE REPLACED BY 1301794929] - 0 0.00 N/A N/A
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About Brake Products, Inc.
About Brake Products, Inc.
Brake Products, Inc. is more than an authorized distributor, we are real stocking distributor with inventory in excess of 2 million dollars. BPI has thousands of parts in our stock to protect your business with same day shipments till almost 7PM. With over 30 years of experience in the material handling business we are ready to assist you in making the right decisions for efficient motion control.
Brake Products specializes in the machining of Brake Wheels for AC & DC Industrial Brakes. We utilized CAD designed & engineered products with CNC machined tools to produce the "Perfect Brake Wheel" these wheels are not limited in design by a previously designed castings for universal use. BPI is an OEM brake wheel manufacturer for Crane Brake Manufacturers. Though we machine all the brake wheel surfaces for balance both static & dynamic balancing to your specification is available.
Please spend some time at our web site, an abundance of product information and CAD style PDF drawings are available to download & share. Pricing and a shopping cart for automated order entry can be done here. Please call with any questions. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and provide a formal quotation.
Ductile Iron Brake Wheels

Ductile Iron Brake Wheels
We manufacture high-quality custom and standard brake wheels from 4-1/2" to 30" diameter, cast from the finest ASTM and ASME specified 80-60-03 Ductile Iron to provide maximum service and a high coefficient of friction. Machining is done on CNC equipment using solid dura bar or iron castings.
Brake wheels for all types of electric and hydraulically actuated brakes. Many wheels available for same day shipment; both pilot bore and finished bored for the 600 and 800 series mill motors.
Replacement Brake Parts

Replacement Brake Parts
Easily locate and purchase hard to find replacement parts for the following most popular OEM brake assemblies:
  •  EC&M
  •  GEMCO
OEM brake assembly diagrams and selection tables, backed by our extensive replacement brake parts stock, makes it as easy as "1-2-3".
OEM Products

Brake Products is proud to maintain excellent decades-long distrubutor relationships with industry-leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). We keep most popular items in stock to improve delivery times. These products are available to quote and purchase 24/7 on our e-commerce web sites, along with a multitude of installation and support information:
  •  Gemco (Ametek)
  •  Gleason Reel
  •  Aero-Motive
  •  Cutler-Hammer (Eaton)
  •  Hubbell
  •  SuperBolt
  •  Telemotive (Magnetek)
  •  Renold
  •  Stearns
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  • Brake Products, 77786 items
  • Cutler-Hammer, 6312 items
  • Eldro, 7 items
  • Renold Ajax, 399 items
  • Reuland, 115 items
  • Scan-Pac, 54 items
  • Superbolt, 110 items
  • Wagner, 249 items
  • Westinghouse, 100 items
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Reels from Reelcraft

Reels from Reelcraft
Reelcraft manufactures over twenty five hundred models of hose, cord and cable reels, as diverse as heavy duty hose reels used in the light, medium, and heavy industry, automotive service and a wide variety of OEM applications. These models include spring retractable, motor driven and hand crank reels, handling hose lengths up to six hundred feet and ranging from 1/4 inch to 4 inches in diameter and beyond. The spring retractable models are widely used in industrial applications to improve efficiency and safety by keeping hoses and cables off the floor as well as maintenance areas to provide air or power when and where it is needed.
Non-Asbestos Overhead Crane Linings from Scan-Pac

Non-Asbestos Overhead Crane Linings from Scan-Pac
The industrial marketplace has a variety of brake and clutch requirements for overhead cranes. Scan-Pac's technical and application expertise can recommend and furnish the proper material to meet the specific need your operation demands. Numerous specific parts have been molded or machined to meet the unique requirements of a special application. Let Scan-Pac solve those vexing problems in your day-to-day production.
Scan-Pac's RF38 material has been accepted as a well proven material for these applications and has been in use for several decades.
Industrial Brakes and Brake Parts from Reuland

Industrial Brakes and Brake Parts from Reuland
Reuland offers a wide variety of brakes for various applications. Popular MagnaStop brake is a solenoid activated, spring set type brake. The MagnaStop brake is available in standard and dust-tight/waterproof enclosures in standard AC voltages. Torque ratings available range from (1.5-20) lb. Ft. The brake can be ordered as a traditional C-face mount or as a "double C-face" design. The MagnaStop can also be ordered as foot mounted design.
Reuland also offers a wide range of direct acting magnetic disc brakes. These brakes are also available as standard, dust-tight/waterproof, or marine duty enclosures. Torque ratings available vary from 1.5 to 1000 lb. Ft. Reuland brakes are defined as "fail safe". When power is applied to the brake, the brake releases the motor shaft. The load is then free to turn. When power is removed or lost, the brake grabs the motor shaft and stops the load. A brake release knob or flipper is provided to manually release the brake. Reuland offers both adjustable and non-adjustable designs. Reuland brakes are available in both single and three phase designs. Some brakes are available in DC power. Finally, Reuland offers it's "X" series brakes. These brakes are designed to mount to non-Reuland built motors.  
Industrial Brakes and Brake Parts from Wagner

Industrial Brakes and Brake Parts from Wagner
Our knowledge is second to none in regard to the old style Wagner brake. It may be worth knowing that Wagner Brake itself has not manufactured this style brake since 1981, yet we have never stopped supplying this brake to our large distributor network.
When it comes to air brake parts, our company roots go way back. We have an extensive library of air brake catalogs which has supplied our customers well over the years. Our knowledge is based mostly on the Bendix (formerly Bendix-Westinghouse), Wagner Air Brake, and the Midland Air Brake line.
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